Secondary School Academics
The Humanities Department offers courses in three disciplines: English, Social Studies, and Modern Languages. In each subject area we follow the prescribed curriculum outlined by the Province of British Columbia. At Langley Fine Arts, however, teachers are at a distinct advantage. Here, we have students who are very open to creativity. As a result, teachers are able to teach in a variety of ways: in the traditional lecture method; using cooperative learning; through role plays and simulations; through the use of technology; through integration of the arts; or through team teaching.

From a teacher's perspective, LFAS is an exceptional place to work. Our students are motivated, enjoyable to teach, and open to learning. It's an ideal situation, and one that is reflected in their Provincial Exam marks. This year, our students scored first in the District and thirtieth overall in the Province, and year after year, they receive thousands of dollars in scholarships. Their success clearly shows the commitment to academics shared by students and teachers working in common pursuit of excellence at all grade levels.

The Humanities Department offers English 8 through 12, as well as English Literature 12. In Social Studies we teach S.S. 8 through 11 (Canadian Studies). Senior course offerings include History 12, Geography 12 and Comparative Civilizations 12. Courses in French are offered in Grades 8 through 12. Italian courses include Beginners Italian 11 and Italian 11.

Modern Languages

Langley Fine Arts School offers both French as a Second Language and Italian as a Second Language at the Secondary level. French is offered throughout the Secondary years from Grades 8 to 12, culminating with a Provincial Exam in French 12. Italian is a two year program, which starts at Beginner’s Italian 11 and moving on to Italian 11.

Languages are an important part of the Fine Arts culture, with applications in all disciplines of the Fine Arts at this school. Thus, Music, Drama, and Visual Art are incorporated into the language classes. The aim of the Modern Languages Department is twofold: to create confidence in the student’s ability to communicate in a second language and to communicate with increasing precision and a variety of vocabulary both orally and written. There is an equal amount of time spent on reading, writing, speaking and listening.

French 8 has begun using a new program called “Tout Ados”, which reflects modern pedagogy and more current themes for the Grade 8 student in today’s classes.

French 9 is also using the new Tout Ados program.

French 12 is not textbook-based. Rather, it includes an intensive, quick paced grammar review of French 8-11, new grammar concepts at the French 12 level, complex sentence structure acquisition, writing practice, self-directed reading, French novel and poetry studies, oral projects and discussions, and Provincial Exam preparation.

Beginner’s Italian 11 is an introductory level language course which focuses on everyday language acquisition. The student will be able to communicate on a rudimentary level in a variety of situations. Italian 11 has been offered since February 2007.


The Mathematics program at LFAS follows the new Canadian Western Protocol guidelines for the intended learning outcomes. The Grade 12 program follows the BC curriculum and has changed over to the Western Protocol in September 2001.

The Western Protocol Mathematics curriculum provides our students with opportunities to use spreadsheets on the computer, graphing calculators, scientific calculators and mathematical calculators to solve real world problems. Use of graphing calculators and computer spreadsheets greatly enhances the students understanding of mathematical concepts. Also, because the algebra, trigonometry and geometry problems are embedded in practical examples, students have a high interest in learning the concepts in order to be able to complete the problems.

Students at LFAS have less time to cover the mathematical curriculum, due to the LFAS timetable. However, students at the school are highly motivated. They tend to complete homework on a daily basis, allowing us to move through the curriculum efficiently. Our students achieve high academic standing as can be seen in the number of scholarships awarded to graduates.
The teachers in the Mathematics Department are able to be flexible in meeting the needs of students who have difficulty and students who are gifted. Students are always encouraged to strive for their highest potential. For students who are mathematically inclined there are lunch time prep sessions for the Canadian mathematics contest. Prizes are awarded on a monthly basis.

The Mathematics teachers at LFAS have strong mathematics backgrounds and keep up with current issues through professional development. They all try to make learning mathematics interesting and as much as possible, tie mathematics to experiences that students have in the arts. At the same time the curriculum is taught and tested as is done in any other BC schools.


The Sciences at the Langley Fine Arts School cover every aspect of the Provincial curriculum and more. Students are exposed to a vibrant and thorough approach to the most current science. Provincial exam results are consistently very high. Participation rates at the Senior Science levels are also excellent.
The strong academic standing intertwined with the views of arts have made coordinators at universities praise our graduates as "the students we like to have." (John Sims, Simon Fraser University)

In order to facilitate independent thinking and creativity, students are given the opportunity to express scientific concepts in a variety of forms.

Some examples of the above include:

Creative Writing Illustrated children stories on scientific phenomenon.
Dance A performance illustrating ideas such as an ecosystem in a river or chemical phase changes.
Drama Students create a play that demonstrates a scientific concept like species relationships.
Science Fairs The Scientific Method is used in a safe and creative way.
Visual Arts Constructing 3-D models of cells showing interactions between organelles and chemicals.

Due to the Grade 1-12 nature of the school, Secondary students have the opportunity to teach and demonstrate their understanding in Science not only to their peers, but also to younger students. The result is a sense of community within the school that is hard to find elsewhere. In practice, this can mean a "buddy system" where Secondary students guide Elementary students through laboratory experiments.

LFAS fosters a keen interest in the Sciences by allowing our Elementary and Secondary students a depth of exposure to a variety of demonstrations and hands-on experiences.


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