Dance Department at The Langley Fine Arts School

Grade 8 Dance:
The Grade 8 Dance Major course will provide a transition from recreational class to the more intensive technical and choreographic training at the Grade 9-12 level. Students take Dance class 6 hours a week. The dance techniques of modern, ballet and jazz will be studied, as well as student composition and choreography. Dancers study technique and alignment through warm-up exercises, discussion, writing and testing. Movement phrases learned in class vary from slow adages to fast, dynamic, rhythmic phrases. Compositions and choreography units concentrate on the Elements of Space (general/personal space, pathways, formations, levels, directions, focus). The dancers are also introduced to conditioning classes focusing on strength and flexibility. Students perform in the February Faculty Performance and have the option to audition their choreography for the December and May Student Choreography Performance.

Department: Secondary Dance Grade 9-12
This program emphasizes the study of Modern Dance technique, choreography, history and performance. The program is supplemented with classes from LFAS faculty and guest artists with specialties in capeoeria, jazz, tumbling, flamenco, ethnic dance, yoga, Pilates and contemporary choreographers from the Vancouver dance community.

Modern Technique class will focus on refining the students' control of the principles of movement (alignment, flexibility, strength, balance, centering and breath) through the study of various modern and contemporary dance techniques. Ballet technique and concepts are used in class however movements explored emphasize 360° of space (including floor work, inversion of the body and circular use of torso). Dynamics, focus, stage presence, performing energy, clarity of execution, working as a group, effective translations of the composition are elements that enhance performance. These elements are analyzed and practiced during class and formal performances. Students are given the opportunity to view both live and recorded dance performances followed by class discussions and individually written critiques.

Anatomy is also integrated into the Dance class. Students learn the muscular and skeletal systems of the human body and their importance in dance training, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Units in nutrition and the creation of individualized strength and flexibility conditioning programs give students information required to maintain a healthy relationship with dance.

Electives Offered:

The focus of the choreography class is on exploring the creative process and its application to dance. Students work individually and as a member of small and large ensembles exploring time and space, choreographic forms, motif and development, social issues and improvisation. Students have opportunities to work with other art disciplines in collaborative projects.

Choreography students apply choreographic tools explored in class to create works for the student choreography performance in December and May.

Esprit de Corps : Esprit de Corps is a Secondary Dance Company of advanced Dance students in the Grade 8-12 Dance Major Program. After completing an audition process, including a dance class and interview, 15-20 students are selected to work together as a performance ensemble rehearsing Tuesday and Thursday after school. Esprit performs both faculty and guest choreography in Dance Department performances and attends the National Festival for High School Academies every second year.

Hip Hop/Jazz : Students are introduced to the history of hip-hop while learning movement based on rhythm and body isolations while demonstrating control, power and precision. Basic jazz vocabulary, technique and concepts are introduced. The class includes warm-up, skill development and combinations.

Stretch and Strength : Identifying muscle groups and applying principles of stretching and strengthening in order to increase flexibility and/or strength. Listed below are examples of units studied: Aerobics (Cardiovascular Endurance), Pilates, yoga, weight training, physioball routines, stretching, and theraband exercises.

Musical Theatre : This course is the opportunity for all students to explore their secret passion for putting it all together.singing, acting, and dancing. Working with songs, text and choreography from the contemporary musical theatre repertoire, students will perform in a variety of contrasting scenes appropriate for their age and ability. Students will also have the freedom to explore experimental compositions that involve all three theatrical disciplines.

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