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In our Langley Fine Arts School Middle Years Program, we strive to create an atmosphere in which the arts and academics work together in order to foster students' understanding and appreciation of the world around them. The Middle Years is based on a two-year program which is theme based. Students explore a variety of cultures, both ancient and contemporary. Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East are studied through the social sciences, writing, Dance, Drama, Music, and Visual Art. Science is also explored over the course of the two years. From the diversity of life, ecosystems, and extreme environments, to electricity, chemistry, and the earth's crust, this program offers students integrated opportunities with the arts.

The Middle Years students benefit from daily exposure to their three selected art areas. Classes scheduled at the same time also allow us to integrate between the arts areas themselves. This interdisciplinary approach between the arts and academics results in exciting performances and exhibitions that showcase student achievements. During this two-year Middle Years Program, we prepare students to become creative, knowledgeable global citizens who are ready for the challenges of life as a secondary school student.

Middle Years Core
In our Middle Years Program, arts and academics work together to foster students’ understanding and appreciation of the world around them. This two-year (grades 6 and 7) program prepares students to become creative and knowledgeable global citizens who are ready for the challenges of life as a secondary school student.

Students learn to become accountable, respectful, responsible, and organized, and focus on developing a strong work ethic.

Over the two years, each student in the Middle Years Program receives a comprehensive education in humanities, science, math, physical education, and personal planning. In addition, the arts portion of the program offers students the opportunity to take courses in three of the following areas: Dance, Drama, Music, or Visual Art. Each arts course is taught by specialists trained in their arts area.

Integration between the academics and the arts is at the core of the Middle Years philosophy. Students explore common themes throughout their classes, resulting in exciting learning opportunities, art exhibitions, and theatre performances.

Students in the LFAS Middle Years Program experience their education in a variety of wonderful school facilities, including arts rooms specific to each discipline, the 300-seat Chief Sepass Theatre, and the Mary Pratt Gallery.

Middle Years Dance
The Middle Years Dance Program is an investigation of the creative process through the elements of dance: space, time, force, body, movement, and form. Key areas of study include technique, composition, history, and performance. The two-year program evolves as a bridge between the exploration focus of the elementary years and the technical and compositional skills taught at the high school level. Curricular links are drawn between dance, the other fine arts areas, and core classroom units of study. Dance students take on the roles of performing artists, choreographers, and audience members, boosting their fitness levels, building co-operative teamwork skills, and developing critical and creative thinking abilities.

Middle Years Visual Arts
The Middle Years Visual Arts Program offers students the opportunity to experience the exciting world of visual arts through exploration of two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques in drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media, ceramics, and sculpture using a variety of materials. The program fosters a strong understanding of the elements and principles of art and design, allowing sudents to create work that exhibits their art-making skills. Building these skills and enhancing the creative process is the major focus of this program. Students are challenged to achieve proficiency in visual art, both technically and conceptually, and study art history as it relates to various cultures. Opportunities to integrate with other arts and academic areas result in exciting multi-disciplinary work that reflects “real world” art-making processes.
Middle Years Drama
The Middle Years Drama Program is a fun and supportive environment where students explore creative problem-solving, co-operative team work, and individual development. They learn and develop their dramatic skills in a curriculum which integrates and reinforces their core classroom material.

As with all dramatic study, students develop their self-confidence and poise, working both individually and in groups. Drama develops creative, critical, and empathic skills creating the foundation for community citizens who respect, value, and celebrate the diversity of our society.

Middle Years Music
Students in the Middle Years Music Program explore music through instrumental performance, theory, and history. In preparation for performances, students continually review posture and breathing, intonation, balance and blend, dynamics, articulation, and phrasing. Theory concepts covered throughout the year are reflected in the music that the students learn to play. The program’s history portion provides a overview of the major composers and styles. Within the context of our classes and performances, students also examine connections between music, the other arts, and their core subjects. Building a foundation with these components creates well-rounded young musicians and general artists who are well prepared to move into the Secondary Music Program.

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