Students enrolled in the Visual Art program at LFAS will experience a wide range of materials, techniques and processes ranging from traditional to experimental. Drawing and mark-making form a major part of the program along with painting, printmaking, mixed-media, sculptural work, and textiles. Art history is also taught at each grade level and is integrated into key units of study. Visiting artists and guests are also invited into our studios to share their expertise and enrich the program.

In addition to building strong technical skills in a variety of media and techniques, students in our program learn to develop their thinking and problem solving skills in relation to their art making. As the years advance the students explore themes, ideas and concepts that are both engaging and personally relevant. As a result, art critiques and the ability to discuss personal ideas and art works play an increasingly significant roll in the senior program.

All Visual Art students in the program have the opportunity to participate in a number of exhibitions that take place annually in the Mary Pratt Gallery within the school. Depending on the grade levels involved students learn how to hang and advertise exhibitions, title works and write artist statements.

Students who are interested in pursuing visual art in post-secondary schools in fields as diverse as architecture through animation, fine arts and a variety of design fields are encouraged to enroll in our Advanced Placement programs at the grade 11 and 12 levels. In these courses students learn how to prepare a powerful portfolio to gain both admission to their schools of choice around the globe along with earning scholarships to help fund their artistic dreams. Becoming a member of our extensive and diverse Visual Art Alumni is both a responsibility and a privilege, providing opportunities to network and gain support from a creative community of artists and designers.

Be sure to visit the Mary Pratt Gallery page.

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